28 Mar 2018

Why Use Video in Digital Marketing?

Video advertisements have always been a popular method of communication. There are many benefits of using videos in Digital Marketing, including lifestyle advertising, instant communication, and control over visual brand identity. We can see all of these visual elements controlled meticulously in the production of the final product.   Video advertisements have sold products to […]

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28 Mar 2018

Videos. They’re Making Us Stupid.

So… why the big fuss?   Additional to the appeal discussed in the last article, in summary, we prefer videos because of their aesthetics and their unique content. As technology has developed, so has our fascination with the changing medium.   The aesthetics of that are present in videos have developed dramatically through technological advances. […]

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28 Mar 2018

Film. The final frontier.

There’s nothing like a night out at the cinema, or staying in bed watching cat videos all day. There’s something about the appeal of visual images that is so magical and stimulating. If you took a moment to consider it, consider the impact that the development of video as a technology and a medium have […]

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11 Feb 2018
Mellow Cosmetics Brow Products

Digital Marketing in Action: Mellow Cosmetics

This month it’s our pleasure to showcase the fantastic Mellow Cosmetics and the considerable talents of its founder Ima Asali. Our job as digital marketers is so much easier when we work with businesses like Mellow Cosmetics that have such a good product and a great story to tell. And so, when it comes to […]

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08 Dec 2017

Making Life Easier For Small Business Owners

For time-poor small business owners, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Simply keeping on top of the day job is enough and you never seem to get round to grappling with issues like digital marketing, even though you know you need to. That’s where Devitise comes in. Our comprehensive service offering will take […]

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27 May 2017
Web Server Maintenance Services

What Do People Hate About a Website And How to Avoid This

You know that frustrating feeling when you’re playing a game on your phone or tablet and there is an irritating ad below. You could get rid of it but it costs $2 and the app itself was free. And then as soon as you’re about to beat your score you accidentally click on the ad. […]

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17 May 2017
What Are Companies Willing to Pay to Be #1 on Google

What Are Companies Willing to Pay to Be #1 on Google?

Being #1 on Google is something every company strives to achieve. It is the same for YouTubers who want to make their videos go viral. Everyone works hard to reach their goals and they will do whatever it takes to do so. Google is the world’s most popular search engine and has over 40,000 search […]

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09 May 2017
digital marketing and web design

What Makes Devitise Stand Out Amongst Other Design & Digital Marketing Companies

SEO and Web Optimization, Website Design, PPC Services/Google Adwords and Analytics, Online Reputation Management, App/Software and Website Development, Website and Server Maintenance. These words may make sense to a lot of people or maybe this sounds like complete gibberish to you. But, thanks to Devitise and their digital marketing services, they understand all the gibberish […]

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21 Dec 2016

The Importance of an Online Agency for Small Businesses

If you are a start-up or a small business your focus is obviously on getting more clients or buyers. Your clients and potential new business drive you to keep going and make your venture a successful one. Being able to reach potential customers then becomes your biggest challenge. You know your business, you create a […]

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