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Google AdWords Management & Reporting

Google AdWords is an advertising system developed by Google where advertisers bid on specific keywords so that their clickable ads will appear in Google’s search engine. With online advertising, you will be able to target your ads to the customers you want to communicate with and even filter out the users that are not on your target. With our help, you can use different methods to target and reach your potential customers when they are searching for your services and products.

There are various ad formats and features that will get you a customized ad. These include the use of video ads to present your brand. You can even add a “Call” button on your ad to receive more phone calls.

Google Analytics Management & Reporting

In addition to being Google AdWords experts, we are also very skilled in Google Analytics. This is a powerful tool that will help us keep track of how often your website is visited and how people are using it. Google Analytics gives you valuable information about your users, including their location, the time they spend on your website and how they move through it. Put simply, AdWords helps to get users to your website. Google Analytics will help you understand what your clients’ preferences are. Furthermore, when using both Google AdWords and Analytics we can track which ads obtain most of the clicks. This allows us to further optimize your campaigns and focus primarily on the ads that are producing the best results for your business.

Our experienced Google certified specialists will provide you with thorough Web Analytic reporting which is specially designed to help you sort the data, streamline the visitor navigation through the sales funnel and make a more efficient future strategy for both content and marketing.

In our opinion, Devitise is the best agency to provide you with fine-tuned segmentation of data to identify your key users and how they behave. With our help, you will build efficient strategies that will guide your customers into taking the actions you desire.