Ceres Organics
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The story of Ceres, named after the Roman goddess of the harvest, began in 1982. Proudly known for being the first ever organic food store in New Zealand, Ceres Organics is a premier certified organic Australasian distributor. The Company diversified into the health, beauty and household cleaning, establishing successful markets.


1. With a strong understanding of the organizational goals, mission, vision and target audience, we could craft their brand image and align it with the web designing goals.

2. The goal of any ecommerce site is to increase revenue and maximize conversions. Our monthly marketing activities made sure the lead generation was on a continuous high, apart from focusing on customer retention.

3. Our flexible web design strategy gave the website a fresh look, presenting the information and content vividly on all devices.

What We Accomplished

Ecommerce Website Development

System Integration


Website Content

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