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Drill-Tracker has been driving successful business management for leading drilling operators since 2011. It was a novel idea that generated out of the need for eliminating the 4500 pieces of paperwork generated a month with such high production rates in the drilling business.

A system was needed that provides a secure, customised platform for data management, comprehensive and integrated bookings system, flexibility, permissions levels, health & safety, invoicing, timesaving efficiency and documentation.


We are app developers in NZ that think mobile and deliver apps that people get addicted to. The DrillTracker app design was tailored to user needs, besides benefiting from UI/UX design.

It was created with the sole purpose of enhancing the business operations by engaging the users on a collaborative level and making the otherwise complex drilling operations seamless and effortless.

We helped the business discover what smart website development in NZ means and gain the most efficient tool to drive the business activities.

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